The Cango Caves :
Oudtshoorn - Klein Karoo - South Africa.

Millions of years . . . and no time goes by . . . only transformation of limestone that takes formation into one of the most spectacular scenic tourist attraction in South Africa. This is one reason why Oudtshoorn is worth a detour ! . . .

There is more than one section to the caves, but only the main section is open to the public in order to preserve these majestic formations. There are certain parts where one has to get on all fours or even crawl around on your stomach, - (devil's chimney), to get to see all the viewable areas in the cave . . .

Here is some more photographs. . . 

Throne made of gold...

The weird Cango candle

A foundation like a hanging shawl

The miracle of dripstone

Here are a few pictures of Cango Two - Unfortunately not open to public but imagine ...

The Entrance ...

The Bridal Couple

The Coral chamber

Glass flower fantasy

Enchanted fairy fountain

Jack Frost in the Wonder Cave.

The exquisite Angel's wing

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